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State of jefferson

('79 Nor Cal Afghani / Old Oregon Trainwreck)

The famed "State of Jefferson" is an area of Northern California and Southern Oregon that has historically been neglected by both state capitals, due to the remoteness of the region, and the distance from Salem and Sacramento. There have been many movements over the years (although unsuccessful) to split off and create their own state.. The State of Jefferson.

Our Old Oregon Trainwreck has been a regional staple for decades now, and it is one of our personal favorites. By combining this line with our '79 Nor Cal Afghani, we have created a hybrid that truly embodies the spirit of this free thinking culture.

Expect plants of medium height, and insane resin production. The aromas are of old school, skunky funky, Trainwreck, lemony goodness, and the effect is a blissful, psychedelic, laid back state of mind, coupled with a wonderful pain/anxiety killing body stone.

$100/12 pack

$55/6 pack