old school Afghani

('79 Nor Cal Afghani / Khost, Afghan Landrace)

The 1970s saw many changes take place in the world of cannabis. From domestically produced sinsimilla, to decriminalization in many US states and Holland, one of the biggest influences on this subculture was the introduction of Afghani and Pakistani landrace genetics into the hands of western growers and breeders.

Our '79 Nor Cal Afghani is one of the first Afghan lines to reach Oregon via Northern California. It has been grown here ever since, and has adapted very well to our local climate. With large, dense, and chemically fragrant, lemony buds, this was the perfect mate for our tall and lanky hash plant from Khost, Afghanistan. With its exquisite high, and incredible resistance to the elements due to Khost being one of the only areas of Afghanistan to be affected by the annual monsoon rain, these two were a match made in heaven.

Expect tall, vigorous, high yielding plants, with lemony sandalwood terpenes, and hints of pine. There are also phenos with a honeyed, Nepalese charas aroma, which is the signature scent of our Khost landrace.

$100/12 pack

$55/6 pack