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Malana X Fat Bottom girl

Malana x Fat Bottom Girl (Milk of Mazar x Brazilian sativa/Ukrainian hash plant/79 NorCal Afghani)

Probably our best FBG cross to date. VERY resinous, and super high yielding, she’s an outdoor dynamo, throwing pink pistils and smelling like heavenly, incensey, sweet, spicy, goodness. Definitely an early finisher, with some phenos being harvested by the end of September in Oregon, at 45* north. She is genetically a 50-50 hybrid, but her effect leans toward her exotic sativa heritage. Good for relaxing at the end of a hard day, without losing the ability to maintain an intelligent conversation. A fun, happy, chilled out smoke, great for campfires, video games, existential conversations, and enjoying pretty much any activity. Very high yields, and an excellent resistance to the elements, round things off to make her a true keeper!


$90/12 pk

$50/6 pk