Kashmiri Sirnoo

Collected from the village of Sirnoo, in Palwama District, Kashmir Valley. This varietal is used by locals to produce a mind bending and blissfully relaxing charas, prized for its ability to aid in deep meditation and yoga, as well as its amazing properties as a medicine for pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and menstrual pain.

This varietal has been thoroughly worked by our dedicated team of preservationist breeders. We have isolated the most desirable parents from each generation, and reproduced them using open pollination to ensure vigor is maintained in the subsequent progeny.

Expect fast finishing plants that thrive indoors and out. Good mold resistance, high calyx to leaf ratio, and heavy yields of lemony, chemy, musky, buds oozing with thick fragrant resin, make this rare pure indica a true stand out from all the rest.


$125/12 pk

$70/6 pk