Karma Kush

(North Coast OG / Kashmiri Sirnoo)

Creamy, Kushy, chemy goodness from our lovely and hardy North Coast OG, combined with the centered and blissful, not to mention fragrant, Kashmiri Sirnoo, makes this hybrid one that fans of the OG/Chemdawg family will not want to miss.

Our North Coast OG has been a staple on our farms since the late 90s. It's exceptional mold and mildew resistance make her an excellent choice for coastal climates, as each generation has been selected in the cool, humid, microclimate of Astoria, Oregon. With the addition of our Kashmiri genetics, we have shortened the flowering time even more, while increasing resin production and yield.. and stink!

Expect plants of moderate height, with classic, rank, OG Kush terpenes, with hints of musky vanilla, and tall glistening resin glands covering everything from flowers to fan leaves.

$85/12 pack

$45/6 pack