Old World Organics™

About us

Old World Organics is an Oregon, USA based company focused on the preservation and acclimatization of rare and endangered heirloom and landrace cannabis varieties from around the world. We also provide top-quality consultation services to the legal cannabis industry.

Our Story :

One of our founders, a Naval Special Operations veteran turned journalist, began collecting seeds in 1964 during a tour in SE Asia. As a journalist and documentarian, he continued to collect seeds and eventually brought these precious genetics back home with him to Oregon. Together with his son, then studying horticulture and anthropology, they began the slow and difficult task of preserving the exquisite traits of these endangered cultivars while acclimatizing them to Oregon's moderate latitude, as well as the unnatural indoor growing environment.

In 2009, the two began growing for a small group of HIV patients in Portland, OR. Due to the unique conditions faced by immune compromised individuals, they knew the medicine needed to be grown to the highest standards possible. This led them to begin employing old world farming practices such as huglekulture, plant ferment and compost teas, and companion planting, allowing them to avoid the use of pesticides and external inputs to keep both their plants and their patients healthy.

Witnessing the lack of genetic diversity and genetic depression plaguing the medical cannabis community at the time, the decision was made that our extensive library of genetics should be made available to anyone who needed them. This led them to begin refining our best lines, and making them as grower friendly as possible so that anyone, regardless of their skill level, or how sick they may be, could successfully grow our seeds. 

From the days of the Hippie Trail to the modern legal cannabis industry, this family owned company has remained true to their roots. Old World Organics: Preserving the mystery.



Upcoming Seed drops



Acclimatized Landraces

All of these lines have been acclimatized to temperate climates, at a latitude of 45 degrees north.


Landrace Hybrids

These cultivars have all been developed using pure landrace stock as well as old school local heirlooms from the United States. A true throwback to the West Coast cannabis breeding culture of the 70s.


Pure Un-Worked Heirloom and Landrace Varieties

These are the original building blocks, straight from the famous cannabis producing regions where they were collected. These lines will appeal to preservationists, collectors, breeders, and connoisseurs alike.

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