Big Bertha Thai Stick

(Kashmiri Sirnoo / Old School Highland Thai)

Our highland Thai landrace is one of our prized possessions. Collected during a backpacking excursion in the early 1980s, we have been working this line for years, removing all of the unfavorable traits, such as hermies, and long flowering time that Thai varieties are so well known for. This was not an easy task, but after a thorough selection process lasting many seasons, we had a plant that was ripe, and ready to harvest by early November here in Oregon.

In creating our Big Bertha Thai Stick line, our goal was to find an indica landrace pairing that would allow the resulting progeny to retain the magic of our old Highland Thai, while simultaneously lowering the flowering time even more. We found what we were looking for in our Kashmiri Sirnoo line. This crossing added copious resin production, and a meditative calmness, to the highly psychedelic effect of the Thai.

This is Buddhist bud my friends. Happy, euphoric, and energetic, but calming and meditative at the same time. A perfect smoke for outdoor adventures (when you don't need to be 100% coherent), yoga and meditation, or just simply listening to Pink Floyd and eating your favorite chips.

$100/12 pack

$55/6 pack